The Sceletium GNS and GMD Range

The Sceletium GNS and GMD Range

The Sceletium GNS and GMD Range

The Sceletium GNS and GMD range of products has been developed with confidence using IPA-W & KNA exclusively as the primary active ingredient.

IPA-W &  KNA  is an exciting, new, patent pending herbal active ingredient, manufactured from a proprietary strain of Sceletium Tortuosum.

It is the culmination of years of research and development by specialists within the South African nutraceutical industry.

Sceletium GNS & GMD is proving to be the herbal anti-depressant of choice, even rivalling major pharmaceutical anti-depressants that have long been the established leaders in this market.

Product Details

Sceletium Tortuosum has been used traditionally as a snuff or a tonic for a number of conditions; mothers in rural areas continue to use dried Sceletium powder for treating colic in infants.

Kanna, as it is known colloquially, can uplift one’s mood; relieve depression, decreases anxiety, stress and tension.

Sceletium is marketed primarily as a natural mood elevator and has well documented usage as a stress reliever. While many have jumped on the ‘sceletium bandwagon’, with varying degrees of success, many have stayed with the tried and tested ‘traditional’ methods of preparation – especially drying. These methods do not always result in consistent alkaloid profiles or stability of active  ingredients.  With many years of research we have developed and honed a stabilised and standardized alkaloid profile. After extensive testing and verifying, IPA-W & KNA  was established, Academic research programs were initiated, industry partners consulted and all the findings validated and correlated. IPA-W & KNA  is a unique, proprietary combination of mesembrythemum alkaloids, exact and stable delivering a dose-specific result as formulated and designed to each application. Sceletium GNS and GMD are one of  itWorks’ flagship product containing IPA-W &  KNA  Sceletium tortuosum actives specially formulated towards :- alleviating the effects of stress,  social anxiety  & depression.