Letter of thanks

Letter of thanks

I suffer from eczema especially in the summer. I have both the wet and dry type of eczema thus making it difficult to get a product that deals with both. One cream helps  for the one but irritate the other and vice versa. I also can’t use any lotion on my legs especially after shaving.

My husband received two of your itWorkx (Alo-ZoneOil and VitE-03 cream) products for me to  test.

I found that both the product is nourishing and does not activate my eczema. My legs do not itch after shaving. I even combine the Alo-zoneOil with my face creams especially when I was out in the sun the entire day. It settles my skin and reduced the red of the sunburn.

I used both products on my heals and with consistent use it reduced the dryness and cracked heels alot.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to use your product. I want to continue using it hoping it will prevent or reduce fine facial  lines as well. Will keep you posted. Laugh…